Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Haass No Deal

"NI talks end w/o accord; gaps persist past, parades, flags; will explore if a last push justified; hope so, as all would gain from pact" - Richard N. Haass (@RichardHaass).

As predicted there is no deal, no agreement. No post mortem is being carried out as "the patient is still alive".

There is no point in a "last push". Unionism is not capable of compromise. Full stop.

On flags Nationalism holds a position that the Irish flag should fly freely from all public buildings throughout Ireland. The starting position adopted by Nationalists in the Haass talks was one flag or no flag. This was already a compromise. Nationalism was prepared to compromise further on this position. Unionism wanted to fly the Union Jack 365 days a year. A bottom line, not an inch! So much for the "Democratic" Unionist Party!

On parading the Nationalist position is there should be no sectarian marches through Nationalist areas. Compromise was made and Loyalist parades were to be facilitated after a process of dialogue. Unionists even objected to a Haass suggestion that "songs or hymes that could cause offense" be omitted.

On the past, Unionists could not agree that there are two narratives on the past.

The North is a failed entity. Brian Groom (@GroomB) on Twitter has produced evidence. Time for change.