Friday, January 3, 2014

Equality Commission 23rd Monitoring Report

The Equality Commission has published it's 23rd Monitoring Report. This report gives us a breakdown of the numbers and percentage of Protestants and Catholics in the both the public and private sectors of the workforce in Northern Ireland for the year 2012. Protestants represented 53.4% of the workforce, down by 0.3% on 2011. Catholics in the workforce stood at 46.6%, an increase of 0.3% from the 2011 figure of 46.3%. The Protestant percentage has again declined as the Catholic percentage has increased. This trend has been constant as is represented in the following graph:

The reasons why this graph is converging are threefold.

Firstly, there continues to be more Catholic applicants to the monitored workforce than Protestants.  In 2012 the Catholic percentage stood at 51.6% and the Protestant percentage was 48.4%.

Secondly the numbers of Catholic appointees to the workforce in 2012 again exceeded their Protestant counterparts. In 2012 the Catholic percentage stood at 50.9% and the Protestant percentage was 49.1%.

Finally the proportion of Protestant leavers of the workforce in 2012 continues to be higher than the proportion of Catholic leavers.  In 2012 the Protestant percentage stood at 52.1% and the Catholic percentage was  47.9%.


  1. re. "Protestants represented 53.4% of the workforce, down by 0.3% on 2011. Catholics in the workforce stood at 46.6%, an increase of 0.3% from the 2011 figure of 46.3%."

    Has the rate of increase fallen from the previous year ie was it > 0.3 in the previous year?

  2. Yes Sammy the rate of increase has fallen from 0.5% to 0.3%. This is more than likely down to the increase in discrepancy between applicants and appointees (0.7%).

    While Catholics applications were 51.6% only 50.9% of Catholics were appointed.

    Another factor is the proportion of Protestant leavers has decreased from c55% to c52% over c10years.

  3. The rate of increase in Catholic proportion of monitored workforce:

    2008: 0.6%
    2009: 0.2%
    2010: 0.5%
    2011: 0.4%
    2012: 0.3%

    Average growth over last five years was 0.4%.

  4. Have you the stats for unemployment based on community background?

  5. Enda,

    Do we know how immigrants are allocated to the correct 'community background' ?

    Do we know the impact of immigrants on the figures?

  6. I can't answer the questions re stats for employment based on community background or re allocation of immigrants as I do not have the data.

    I can however ask my own questions

    1. Workers who approach retirement age of 65 are likely to make up the vast majority of leavers of the workforce. Why so if two thirds of 65 year olds are Protestant, do Protestant leavers of the workforce account for only 52%?

    2. Why would the 52% Catholic applicants to the workforce (which are allegedly better educated) receive less than 51% of appointments?

    I will post up any of the answers as soon as I find them.

  7. The 2014 report has been published. Now the workforce stands at 53% P / 47 % C. That's another 0.8% swing in a year. Big jump in the number of appointees compared to last year.

    Might be worth a blog.